Tapestry, Light and Shadow and Life

I have so many art projects I want to work on and I’m so stoked to have three commissions to paint! The first one, the big tapestry panels that will become Tami’s storefront art is almost done. I went to today for paint to finish it up and priced some fabric paints for the jeans jackets I want to paint on.

I want to work on:

  • the commissions
  • my book
  • a new series of paintings delving into glimpses of life
  • an art quilt series like the above with lots of embellishments!
  • my free verse hippie poems…I want to enter some contests

Every Friday for a long time now I just let the verse float out of my head onto the computer. And I almost every day I write one in my free verse journal too. So I have scads of them.

All I did last week was list in my Threadless store…https://peaceproject.threadless.com/

and paint paint paint on the tapestry! I have pics on my Instagram here…https://www.instagram.com/dawncollinsart/?hl=en

Soon I hope I’ll be filming video of painting another big tapestry!! I’ll have to ask my daughter to time lapse edit it for me since I am so not computer savy.

I want to explore light and shadow and movement and life and how it all combines into something really beautiful and messy and alive.

Also I want to drink coffee and my cup is empty so I’m gonna bounce. If you want to though you can pop into The Barefoot Home for updates, random thoughts, quotes, lists, and free verse. I post there everyday like it or not lol.

I hope to see you there or back here next Monday.

Have a beautiful artsy week!



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