Last Week In Art, This Week’s Goals

Good Monday Morning Beautiful Peace-Seekers!


I painted and got a lot done on the tapestry…DSC_0493



I drew some too and enjoyed every single minute.DSCN5753

I worked on the Hookah Cat and Pillar piece…DSCN5755

I made a hippie peace flag….


I finished this one…DSCN5754

and photoed with Sparky’s digital camera these paintings, (you probably have seen most of these but now they are more true in color, my camera sucks and his is awesome!)…

This week’s art goals:

  • finish tapestry (it’s almost done!)
  • list Independence Day Peace Flags on etsy…my etsy hippie shop
  • work on more tattoo designs
  • work on The Zen Pen Peace Project Papers
  • develop free verse for graphic art novel


research/reach out to:

  • galleries*publishers*hippie shops

I hope your week is filled with so much Peace Art and Inspiration it spills out onto other people!! And I hope you’ll meet me back here next Monday or any ole day at The Barefoot Home (I post there every single day!).



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