Bullet Journal Entry and Art and Stuff

A quickie look at Feb.’s goals to see how well I did…



blue=in progress

purple=forgot or didn’t do yet

  • Master my Button Maker
  • Reformat zine for 52 Week Path To Peace Project
  • submit a book proposal to my publisher
  • finish my new motif sketches and turn them into paintings and try to license
  • release new products in etsy stores
  • complete the yoga deck

New Goal:

  • card game 


  • appointments
  • rearranged the studio for 2 days
  • classes

but I did work on some art:

  • buttons…DSCN5556
  • packaging designs
  • aceo project 
  • yoga sketches
  • digital art (never ever made digital art before and this is a quick piece in did in bed on the iPad) I’m wanting to delve into digital more now!! IMG_0527
  • charactersDSCN5550

I’ll have more pics next time and goals too so try to stop by next Thursday or by TheBarefootHome anytime.

Peace Love Art~DSCN5555


2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Entry and Art and Stuff

    1. Oh my gosh, Thanks! I have never ever tried digital art before but it was pretty fun actually. I used a freebie app on the ipad in the bed when I had insomnia lol.

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