Solar Eclipse Of The Heart


I’ve been selling my solar eclipse pieces pretty well lately. I love them so much so I’m really glad they are resonating with people. I haven’t had a chance to list any new ones lately because we’ve been burning up the roads man. So many errands and trips to the post office (I’m so not complaining). Today is no exception as it is market day for us but hopefully this afternoon?

Yesterday we planted night blooming inspiration and I can’t wait to see them. They are transplants we saved so hopefully they will do well. We also planted a late crop of caesar lettuce, cucumbers and squash. Keep your fingers crossed but the Farmer’s Almanac said it was all good.

Okay for the past Thur. to Thur. in art I have…

arranged and rearranged and tweaked the arrangement of the studio and now I love it

I have painted more solar eclipse pieces

I started a zine/digest that will probably morph into poetry and coloring pagesDSCN4709

I painted a piece that I may turn into a journal or maybe something else who knowsDSCN4714

I printed some cards and have some ideas for a boho/hippie girl postcard collection zine

I bought two composition books for my upcoming courses on mindfulness and energy healing that I’m totally looking forward to.

These peace pieces sold…DSCN4514

and Hip Cat doll which I can’t find a picture of.

I guess that’s it but today is just starting, right? I practiced yoga and I’m about to make breakfast and hit the road running so have a beautiful artsy day and stop by again tomorrow if you can on my other blog thebarefoothome where it will be free verse hippie poetry day!

See you soon I hope!

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4514


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