Sun and Moon Energy

I’ve been focusing more on the upcoming Solar Eclipse than my dreamcatchers this past week although I did start one, a dreamcatcher that is. I was almost done weaving and one of my inner fibers broke. I had to start over. No worries.

I found a treasure last weekend. A whole cabinet with little drawers full of costume jewelry I can take apart and weave into my art!

Here’s what I have been working on and I’m really proud of them. I’ve worked on the drawings at night as moonlight streamed in across my table and Lennon spun on vinyl and it was bliss my friend, total bliss.

In the light of day I airbrushed and added wax and glitter to them along with even more peace and love.

There’s more but the batteries in my camera were exhausted.

I’m in the process of taking pics and listing them between my two etsy shops DawnCollinsArt and MyCherokeeDawn

I feel pretty good about this week’s work but I have inspiration like crazy for some other projects so I’d better get at it!

Have a beautiful day and weekend and everything!

Try to stop by next Thursday to see if I’m staying on track. Tomorrow I’ll be writing some free verse hippie poetry  if you want to check it out follow the breadcrumbs…TheBarefootHome and I’ll meet you there!

Much Peace Love ArtDSCN4429




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