Strings Attached


Still tangled up in a mass of strings my friends. I guess you could say I come with strings attached lol. I am loving these dream catchers but now they are morphing into a little something I hope to post about next Thursday after I get a few things from Sparky’s workshop.

I haven’t actually painted much but I did some more thread sketching and made several more dream catchers and sent out some art that sold.

It doesn’t sound like I’ve been productive and now that I’m sitting here trying to sort it out it doesn’t feel like it either. But in my defense we’ve been on the go lately too. And working the veggie garden.

I love love love my veggies, I’m a vegetarian so I suppose I should, right? Otherwise I’d starve. Starving hippie artist? Not as long as I have a garden!

I have so many creative ideas and everyday I have so many goals. Take yesterday, I planned (which is usually a bad thing for me to do) but plan I did, to work on a zine, start a feng shui inspired banner, finish off a weaving I started like four years ago, and work on some string art and another dreamcatcher.

I worked on a dreamcatcher. That’s it. That’s all. But I did go to the bank, the library, did my chores around the house and practiced sunrise and sunset yoga as I do every single day of the year, even holidays because I NEED my yoga like I need coffee and art and peace.

We’re going to the dam today to pick up drift wood which I need for some art projects but hopefully I will accomplish something this morning. ( I didn’t, I deep cleaned the kitchen instead).

Here’s hoping!

Try to drop by next Thursday so see if I accomplished anything, you help keep me on track. Thanks!!

Much Peace Love Art~love me, love me not 2


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