Catching The Dream By The Strings

I’m making dreamcatchers! I’m loving them so much! I didn’t know how to do it but I just started and I did it. It is coming pretty natural too. I think I’m channeling my inner Cherokee.


I am, you know? Cherokee and German and Irish. I’m marrying Feng Shui with Native American. I’m opening a new etsy shop for the positive energy items I’m making. It’s called MyCherokeeDawn. It isn’t open yet since I just began making the products but I wanted to snag the name. They go fast on etsy.

So, this past week in art. I made a few things. Did some more thread sketching and currently working on a couple of freebies for art that sold yesterday.




Today is gorgeous. Gray and overcast and so much cooler. We just came in from the garden with a small delicious bounty of yellow squash, cucumbers and raspberries. Now I want to paint and weave and make my dreamcatchers but there’s errands to run this afternoon and more errands tomorrow so I need to manage my time well.

I hope you are having a beautiful day and I hope you can stop by again next Thursday!

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4315


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