My Week in Art

Hello artsy friends.

Today is gonna fly. Sparky, my rock lobster husband type person has a Dr. appointment today so we’re gonna be on the move, me with art supplies in tow. I’m working on a Mandala I sketched last night, or I will be rather after this.

I’m still cosmic surfing though. Water continues to be my theme. Water and lyrics, the sun and moon and yoga too.

I’m reading a great book. It’s by Donald Miller, titled, Through Painted Deserts.

I like taking my book, my sketch pad and my coffee of course, down to the frog pond where I curl up on the swing under the grapevine. Completely hidden by the canopy of green leafs and serenaded by bullfrogs. I love bullfrogs. I’m usually joined by a stray cat or two and there I find peace lost in words and images, little lines that become something inch by inch, graphite mark by graphite mark. DSCN4297

Okay, my friend, I’ve gotta get to the easel and sewing machine. I’m doing a lot of thread sketching

which I can paint over and I love it. Piper, my cat, does too. She is completely enthralled by the sewing machine. She likes to pull the cloth through on the over side. It’s so funny until she decides its my hair that needs fixing and reaches out grabbing a huge lock of it.

I’m working on a cloth box for my friend Tami at the Webb Road Flea Market. I hope she digs it. I’m loving it. DSCN4303

Okay, 11:30 will be here soon and that’s when I have to stop making art to make lunch early in order to leave on time so, I’m gonna bounce but have a beautiful day and hopefully you can stop by again next Thursday.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4286


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