Still Cosmic Surfing The Big Wave…of Creativity


I’m in a rip current of creativity with a mad dash to finish up a package of art I’m sending off to Georgia to Tie Dye Rosie, one of the coolest hippie shops in the South. Every time I think I’m done I get hit by another wave of inspiration and the paint starts to fly man. But I’m putting the finishing touches on everything now and the tomorrow off it will go…I hope.

Last night I kept thinking of fish and sea turtles and big waves and the sun so while we watched the Halle Berry movie Kidnap, which was really good by the way, I drew at the kitchen island and now I cannot wait to get started on new paintings from those sketches.

A long time ago and I mean a long time ago I started a series I called, Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl…but it was before I even thought about licensing or had Internet! But I have the notes and some of the art from the idea and yesterday I started back to work on it and already it is coming together. So who knows?

My little Hippie Longstocking paintings are continuing and I have to say bring me so much peace. I can smell the salt air all the way from here.

Confession. I have moved, rearranged if you will, my studio 6 times in twelve days but now, now I love love love it.

My cat is curled up right in front of my keyboard signaling to me its time to start painting so I’m gonna bounce but I hope you have a beautiful day and will come back next Thursday to hang with this old hippie artist to see what’s new.

I hope your day is filled with sunshine and you ride the wave of life your way.

Much Peace Love Art~

Hippie Longstocking practicing yoga. Namaste

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