Finding Peace By The Water


We spent the whole morning, well almost the whole morning at the dam spending time with Mama Nature and it was beautiful.

Back home I think I need to move two maybe three pieces of furniture in my studio which I will probably do after this and then I can paint.

Works in progress, and I have a few, are coming along like a cosmic wave rolling onto shore and I am so digging the process as well as the outcome.

I’m still working with a new technique and the more I work with it the more I love it.

Bright vibrant happy summer colors of warm golden sunshine yellows, sea blues and teals and palm tree greens. Pink sands and glitter dusting glimmering shimmering and making hippie magic.

Artsy hippie magic as Van Morrison sings…Into The Mystic and paint flows from peace to piece to peace.

I hope your days are filled with Peace Love and Happiness and I hope you can stop by again next Thursday and you’re always welcome at thebarefoothome my other blog right here on WordPress…. ¬†¬†thebarefoothome

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN3738


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