In The Cosmic Studio…Still Surfing The Big Wave of Creativity

I practically live in my studio. I even practice my morning and evening yoga in here. My cat is almost always in here.  I burn my incense in here. I have twinkle lights in here.  I play my music in here. I find peace in here.

So many hours Janis and I have hung out while I painted and she sang about Bobby McGee. George Harrison has stopped by to sing about Peace and Love and more than once I’ve had to stop painting to dance around barefooted to the B-52’s Love Shack.

I love love love my studio and I think it can feel it. Lately, I’ve been making some awesome art with a new technique that I am totally digging and a little character that I want to get licensed.DSCN4194.JPG

I almost have a plan but for me, plans rarely work out but flying by the seat of your paint stained pants doesn’t always pan out either so I need a plan. Maybe next Thursday I can post I have one.

In the meantime here’s the works in progress.DSCN4197.JPG

I hope you can dig it and I hope you can stop by again next Thursday to see what’s going on in my cosmic studio.

Much Peace Love Art!

One Love

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