Cosmic Surfing


Hello Groovy Readers! Just like I said last week on my barefoot home blog I am spending Thursdays posting here. Giving some love to my art site. I should, since I eat sleep and breathe art. I think I have paint running through my veins instead of blood.

I’m about to lay it on you, the basis for my upcoming work. Are you ready…drumroll please…Riding the Wave of Life on a Cosmic Surfboard in a Sea of Peace. 

It’s a tentative title actually. I may shorten it to something like Cosmic Surfing on a Sea of Peace or Cosmic Surfboard, Peace Waves or ooh, how about Cosmic Surfing Peace Waves or Peace Wave Surfing on a Cosmic Surfboard?

Anyway, you get the idea right?

The art actually began before the title. It all started with this…DSCN4169And I love love love it. I feel it, you know? I should go back now and add UV paint to it! That would be awesome!

I just finished practicing yoga and there is a tiny smidgeon of time before breakfast that I can paint. The airbrush work will have to wait until later but I can lay down some layers of water-soluble pastels for now. So, I’m gonna bounce while the Muse is calling.

I hope you have a beautiful artsy day and I hope you can drop by again next Thursday to hang out in the studio with me.

Much Peace Love Art~


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Love your first idea beginning with “Riding the Wave of Life”!


    1. dawn says:

      Thanks!! Its usually the first idea that’s the right idea, right? Big Hugs 😀


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