Art Walk Down Memory Lane

Still working on building this site for my art. I don’t like working on the computer though, I’d rather be at my sewing machine or drawing table or easel!! But it has to be done so I’m doing it! I’ll reward myself with something like maybe a new color or thread or some buttons or more than likely…another pot of coffee lol.

It is fun to see art that I’ve had tucked away. Art that was on the art licensing site so I left it alone but now it’s all fresh again! Like Spring! How appropriate is that?! I remember painting these. I had just recently installed myself in my new art (recycled) studio that was formerly an outbuilding that Sparky traded for something I can’t remember what, and moved on rollers and attached to the house knocking out a wall at Christmas time right when we had puppies too! What a time that was! I moved into my studio on my birthday in March and jumped right painting as rain fell and music played and you know what, not much has changed! Thank goodness!

Here’s some art that I had forgotten all about and oh my gosh, I love love love it!

Have a beautiful artsy day my friend and stop by again soon! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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